Thursday, June 17, 2010


So it is the first real day of summer vacation. Father's Day is only a couple of days away.

I had a fun day planned. We were going to run some errands getting the Father's Day presents and supplies for making presents that we need. Then we were going to Grandma's house to make our presents and run around in the backyard (the kids, not me). Then this afternoon I was going to head over to the gym and get all signed up.

Why, you may ask, am I writing in past tense?

Because none of it happened.

Tgirl is sick again. Fever this time. Thankfully, her tummy isn't too upset, she isn't really eating, but she isn't throwing up at all. At last check, she was at 102.3.


So we said at home. We put off the plans for the day until tomorrow. She is in bed, calling me every few minutes or so. Until I gave her the portable DVD player.

I've done some cleaning, not a great deal, but a little. And Grandma came over and chatted for a while. But it isn't what I had planned for the day and I am feeling a bit frustrated. Especially as it is nearly dinner time and she isn't feeling any better.

And then,

TDaddy came home early from work and headed straight to bed. Not feeling well.

So it is the boy and I holding out against the germs.

What are our chances do you suppose? Sharing a single bathroom and our usable, germ free space shrinking.


Working on my attitude.

It could be much worse. At least these are just common germs. Nothing really serious. And at least no one is throwing up right now. That is a very good thing!

Perhaps they will both be feeling well in the morning?

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