Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tboy loves babies.

In common youngest child fashion, he would like to have a new baby brother, or more preferably to him, a baby sister. He sometimes even tries to call Tgirl his baby sister, which really annoys her.

I can understand how he feels. I loved being pregnant, even with all the problems with my back and legs and all that I have when I'm pregnant, I still love the feeling of carrying a little life around inside of me. And I really do love babies in all of their sweet, cuddly, chubbiness.

But I don't want another kid and all that that means. The exhaustion, the endless diapers, the exhaustion, someone touching you nearly 24/7, the exhaustion (my babies just aren't good sleepers!). And then there is the idea of another 5 years of daycare and preschool to pay for when Tboy only has 1 year left before he starts school (a benefit of my job is that my children get to - well, have to, it is required in my contract - attend my school for free and when I am actually working in my classroom or at a school meeting I get extended day care free) is rather appalling.

So, to deal with my baby lust, I signed up to work in the baby nursery at church once a month. It is great. I get to hold and cuddle and change babies for a while, remember a few of the frustrations (i.e. their lack of communication skills), watch them grow from month to month, and hand them back to their parents after about 2 hours.

Tboy, however, doesn't have this outlet for his desire for a baby. Whenever he sees one when we are out and about he points it out to me and tells me, "We love babies, don't we, Mama!" (to which I always, of course, agree) When we were in Disneyland last week he was keeping track (part of the time) of how many babies we saw each day.

In his Sunday School class they heard the story of Hannah from the Old Testament and how she wanted a baby very much but had to wait for a long time until God gave her Samuel.

Tboy's teacher let me know when I picked him up that after hearing the story, he raised his hand and told them that he really wanted a baby in his family too and he had been waiting a long time for one. When the teacher told him that maybe he should talk to his mommy about it, he said that he had.

Sunday School teacher, "So what did she say?"

A very disappointed and disgusted Tboy, "She won't give me one" !!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Disneyland here we come!

We are headed to Disneyland tomorrow and are all so excited! We will be meeting TDaddy's mom and step dad at the airport in Anaheim tomorrow morning (they actually are scheduled to land 6 minutes before us) and spending 5 days at Disneyland with them and then 2 more after they leave.

Yes, I know, 7 days! It sound excessive, but somehow we manage to fill up the time and it is great to not have to feel pressured and rushed while there. We can just take it easy in the crowds and heat knowing that we have plenty of time to see everything and do the favorite rides multiple times.

We are staying across the street from the main gate and get a free breakfast at the hotel and will come back to the room everyday for lunches of sandwiches made in the room. Dinners for the most part, we will also eat outside the park as a way to save some money.

Would you believe that we won't be checking any luggage at all? I have packed Tboy, Tgirl, and I into one rolling carry on suitcase with just a little spill over into an old, nice and roomy LL Bean diaper bag (which will also carry my computer and entertainments for the kids. TDaddy has a rolling carry on and a backpack, the kids each have a "toy" backpack and I have one other small carry on bag of books, etc. Amazing.

Who knew that I of all people, could be organized enough to pack so little?!? (I am, by the way, taking some laundry soap to do laundry midweek :) )

I think Tboy is tired enough that he has just dropped off to sleep, but Tgirl will likely be awake quite late in her excitement.... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It must make God smile

As we have driven around in the last couple of days, the kids and I have had a kid's worship CD playing. Tgirl has always enjoyed singing along. For the first time though, Tboy has really been getting into singing along.

It must make God smile to see and hear the little guy belting out worship songs with all his little heart.

Especially, when he mangles the words when he doesn't understand them. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They grow and change so quickly

I know it is rather a cliche. And yet it rings true.

The kids and I met my cousin, her daughter, and my grandmother at the park today. It was nearly too hot to play so we didn't stay long before returning to Grammy's house for a lunch tea. She had spread out on a side table pictures of the 3 great grandchildren (her only 3 so far).

Tboy didn't recognize himself as a baby. And Tgirl... oh my. Her face always seemed slender to me, she wasn't a chubby baby. Yet looking back at pictures, I am struck by how chubby her cheeks seem and how very little she looked in comparison with her current 9 year old self. And the knowledge that in a few years pictures of her now will seem so young is almost too much for this mama to take.

We just had the conversation yesterday when shopping that she won't be wearing tank tops with spaghetti straps now or in the future as we decided that for our family, if it looks like a bra strap in the back and/or your bra strap would be showing (were you wearing one), the top isn't modest enough.

Once we returned home she asked to wear a tank top with spaghetti straps she received last year as a gift because she was hot. I allowed her to, telling her only in the house, she wouldn't be wearing it out at all. But she looked so old in it!

Where does the time go? It flies by so quickly leaving me to wonder if I am truly taking advantage of the time I have with my 2 while they are still young, while they still value their father and I and our opinions above all others.

I pray that in looking back on this time now that I won't be filled with regrets for what I did or didn't do, but rather that I will feel at peace knowing that with God's help I did all that I could and was the best mama for them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It has been a long time

It has been such a long time since I wrote, that I hardly know what to say... So much has happened... Just a couple of highlights...

We finally got Tboy potty trained (Yeah!!!)

Tboy had tubes put in both his ears. Surgery could not have gone better, and he can hear so much better now. We now turn volumes down for him instead of always up. :)

I had a crazy busy school year, but loved being in 5th grade again. Tough class, but a wonderful one.

The two elementary campuses at the school where I work are combining this next year due to construction at the campus I was at this last year. So I had to pack up again this June and move back to where I was from 06-08. That is the 3rd time I have moved classrooms at the end of the school year in the last 4 years.

Tgirl started piano lessons and has become a little book worm. That's my girl!

Tboy has fallen in love with baseball. He has his favorite team (the Giants) and favorite players and will watch baseball games on TV even when TDaddy isn't around. He likes to keep everyone who is near him informed of how the game is progressing. :) It is very cute. He is his Daddy's boy!