Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catching up...

Good grief! It has been over a month since I last blogged! And a crazy month at that.

We started back to school. Tboy is in kindergarten this year and had a rather difficult transition. You see, he was coming to the same school as Mama and Sister and so thought that (of course!) that meant he would get to see us, especially me, all the time. But in reality, it doesn't actually work that way. Our schedules don't match up at all. The only times I see him are Monday and Wednesday afternoons at choir and Friday mornings at Chapel. This made him sad, which is understandable and ok. What is not ok, is that he decided that the solution was to cry/scream very loudly so that I would hear him (in his mind, I couldn't in reality) and come to him. This didn't work, no matter how many times he tried it. So on day 6 of kindergarten, my baby was sent to the principal's office. After two days of going to bed right after dinner (and missing soccer practice the second day and reading books and snuggling both days before bed) something clicked and he realized that the crying wasn't working and so stopped. He has been well behaved ever since. Whew!

Tgirl is in 5th grade and her class is the "big guy" on campus. She has started playing basketball, is still dancing ballet, tried out and got into the school choir, hates math, and loves her teacher. TDaddy has been delighted with both her interest in basketball and the talent that she has shown. While she isn't the least bit aggressive with the ball and will have to learn to be more so on the court, she is a good shooter and has enjoyed herself so far. Hormones have begun flowing and we are now navigating the ... shall we say "interesting" waters of parenting a preteen.

Teaching a new grade level means lots of extra work day to day. As each new event, subject, time of year comes up I am starting from scratch researching and creating assignments, flyers, letters, visual aides, etc.

My maternal grandfather passed away. He lived a full life (he was 88), was in an increasing amount of pain in the last couple of years, and as he was a believer in and follower of Jesus he is now in a much better (pain-free) place. But we who loved him and are left behind for now miss him very much.

My dear sister-in-law gave birth to my kids' first cousin on my side of the family. It was a tough, long labor but my sweet little nephew is finally here! My brother and sister-in-law lost their first child to Trysalmy 18 (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) nearly 2 years ago and it has been a difficult road for them to travel (difficult to watch as well). Tnephew is a huge answer to many prayers!

These have been a few of the highlights of this last month...

Highs and lows...

While I hate to make any promises of renewed time and energy for blogging for fear of failure... I shall try! :)