Monday, June 7, 2010

Illness and Mommy Guilt


We did such a good job as a family avoiding germs this winter. TDaddy and I each got one severe cold that knocked us out completely for a day and a half. The kids got a couple of random, minor colds. But for the most part, we stayed well.

But the last couple of weeks... different story. Flu, croup, head colds, fever, flu again. I think I am cleaning things pretty well as while they are alternating being sick, they aren't getting the same sicknesses. And I am thankful that they are taking turns getting sick (one at the beginning of each week for the last 4 weeks now), it is easier to take care of them, but it stretches things out so much longer.

I don't know if the weird weather this year is playing into it, winter pretty much stayed with us until this last Saturday and then suddenly it was summer weather!

Anyway, poor Tgirl is the one currently out of commission. She woke up at 5 this morning and has been throwing up off and on ever since. Thankfully, Papa was able to come over and stay with her today while Tdaddy and I were at work. I felt horribly guilty not being there for her to hold her poor little head, but just couldn't see being able to stay home today on the last regular day of school.

So I made her a nest in the living room, left out plenty of plastic bags to line her little trash can, and left her with Papa. I went to school, collecting and inspecting textbooks, having 5th grade graduation practice, and feeling horribly guilty.

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