Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We finished up swimming lessons for the summer last week. It was a very successful session.

Last year we skipped the swim lessons altogether. Tboy had tubes put in his ears last May and we were a bit leery of ear infections. Tgirl is a little fish and was already pretty water safe. Since we didn't feel that we were hurting Tgirl, the new tubes combined with the fact that Tboy takes after his dad and isn't a huge fan of water anyway, we thought it best to skip for just one year.

So I wasn't sure what to expect this year.

Tboy loved his teacher. She did a great job of knowing when to back off and when to push him. He ended up letting her dunk him completely under water several times and is progressing along in his willingness to put his face in the water. Another positive is that he discovered that a little water on his ears isn't a bad thing, so baths and washing his hair have been easier.

Tgirl was amazing. She was in level 2 for 2 summers and this was her first time in level 3, which has three different levels built into it. The third day of lessons she was promoted up to the top level 3 group. When she got her 'report card' she passed the level altogether!

So proud! :)

Menu Plan Monday

Whoops! Missed last week on the blog completely.

Here is this week:

Monday: grilled chicken with corn, rice and caesar salad
Tuesday: creamy penne and squash with broccoli and rolls
Wednesday: crockpot beef with BBQ sauce with corn on the cob and rolls
Thursday: campout at Grandma's with my brothers and sister-in-law - hot dogs, corn, watermelon and smores
Friday: pizza salad and bread sticks
Saturday: eggs, sausage, toast, and fruit salad
Sunday: crispy almond chicken

Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It is Monday again already! Where does time go?

This week promises to be fairly busy. In addition to our summer home school lessons, weekly trip to the library, and other normal weekly activities, the kids start two weeks of daily swimming lessons today and we have a playdate, a birthday party, a day with an out of town auntie, a Pampered Chef party, and quite possibly Tgirl's first sleepover with friends.

It is a week of lots of leftovers - mainly things that we had previously and I froze half of for later. This week is later! :) So we shall find out ....

Monday: frozen pizza (it is getting in the way in the freezer and needs to be eaten up)
Tuesday: beverages - we are going to my in-law's for a family dinner as my sister in law is in town from 'up north' and I am in charge of beverages
Wednesday: turkey divan
Thursday: taco cornbread bake
Friday: chicken and rice taco fiesta
Saturday: breakfast for dinner - cause the boy has been asking for it :)
Sunday: pepperoni loaf - the first new recipe of the week

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why We Should Be Allowed to Play Wii

This afternoon Tgirl and Tboy presented TDaddy and I with the following list (complete with stick figure illustrations):

"We think we should play Wii because
1. In the Star Wars game we have to work together to be able to pass the level.
2. It helps us get our energy out before we go to bed.
3. It helps us exercize."

Combined with no whining or fighting for the rest of the afternoon, their presentation was successful and TDaddy even let them stay up 20 minutes late playing.