Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Boy, the Next Iron Chef

So while his sister was sick in bed, Tboy and I decided to make banana bread. Because as he said, it is his favorite. We had so much fun!

He did a great job. Tboy stood on a chair in the kitchen and showed me which measuring spoons to use, pouring everything in the bowl after I measured it. He did all the mixing (with the exception of me doing a final mix to make sure all the ingredients were incorporated off the bottom of the bowl). And amidst all of this, didn't spill a bit.

He was so cute in his apron, a full Winnie the Pooh apron. We talked about tying it on as a half apron, "like real chefs," but he decided it was more important to protect Woody and Buzz on his Toy Story Tshirt. When it was time to check the bread in the oven he had to put the apron on again, this time folded over like a half apron. He was so cute I had to take a picture of him. As I was getting the camera out and turning it on he stood there with his fists on his hips, a serious expression on his face. But when I went to take the picture, he wouldn't put his fists back on his hips because, "Mama, I'm not a REAL Iron Chef yet!"

Has he been watching too much Food Network?

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