Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vocabulary Day

For some reason it seemed as though we were all about vocabulary yesterday. A few examples:

on our way to pick Tboy up:
Tgirl: I LONG for fast food.
me: You what?
Tgirl: I LONG for fast food.
me (just checking if she knew what she was saying): What exactly does long for mean?
Tgirl: To want something very, very much. I LONG for fast food.

She didn't get any fast food. We went home and had chicken tamales (yum!). So now apparently she has unfulfilled longing in her life.

At dinner time:
Tboy: Mama, why do some people call a church a crackanackle?
me: what?
Tboy: You know, a crackanackle!
me: Do mean a tabernacle?
Tboy: Yeah, that's what I said, a crackanackle!

While doing dishes:
Tboy: Mama, look at me! (with a blanket covering his nose and mouth) I'm a inja!
apparently someone at school was playing ninjas at school.

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