Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do ladybugs get dizzy?

Just wondering.

Cause I am sitting here in bed watching one fly in rapid circles around the light fixture in the ceiling.

Every once in a while it bangs into one of the two bulbs or ceiling and then flies in slightly larger, not so circular orbits around the light. Then it rests for a couple of seconds on the metal parts of the fixture.

Then it returns to it's orbiting.

I wonder what it will do when I turn off the light.... It is a good thing I'm not scared of ladybugs. I really should turn off the light and go to sleep soon... But I do wonder what it will do when there is no visible light to orbit.

This is what comes of not having screens in your bedroom window and leaving the windows open anyway (so you don't suffocate in your sleep in the heat - pipe down, I am speaking relative heat, I know it is hotter and more humid elsewhere... opps, got sidetracked...).

Amazing how loud a single ladybug sounds hitting the light and ceiling....

This could go on for a while...

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