Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bedtime Fallguy

The children have been pushing bedtime lately.

They are put to bed on time. And then the "fun" begins.

They (each individually) get up to tell us they can't sleep, they have various aches and pains that were not there minutes before bedtime, they are thirsty, they need to go to the bathroom, the music stopped, they can't sleep, they need a certain stuffed animal... The only reason they don't tell us they are hungry is that we have a permanent sign up in our house "There is no eating after bedtime. Do not ask." (When the sign first went up, Tboy would get up just to ask to have the sign read to him.)

At one point last night they had each been up twice. Tgirl ended her second time with a question about where Patches (a small stuffed dog) was.

Very soon afterward, Tboy came out wondering where Patches was. I asked him if Tgirl had sent him.


Spoken firmly, "You do not have to do what she tells you when you know Mama and Daddy say no. Now go back to bed!"

As he opened the door of their room to go back in to bed I heard him complain to Tgirl, "I told you I would too get in trouble!"

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