Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back-To-School Shopping

We are mostly done with our back to school shopping.

Tgirl has 5 pairs of new pants, 7 shirts, 1 dress, 1 skort, and 2 pairs of capris. We have also purchased nearly all of the supplies on her list (paper, pencils, etc.) except for a spiral bound pad of 3x5 cards.

Tboy has 4 new pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, and one pair of sweatpants that are still a little too big for him.

Yes, I do see the inequality there.

However, he is still in preschool and doesn't have a list of supplies that he needs to buy. Being in preschool, he also doesn't have much of a dress code (other than he has to wear tennis shoes all the time to stay safe on the playground). I am enjoying that while I can. Next year, when he starts kindergarten, it will be totally different.

And, unlike Tgirl, he gets hand-me-downs. From two different people. She doesn't get any. I love hand-me-downs. I love how they save me money!

We only have a few more things to buy... shoes and a new backpack for each of them, and Tgirl still needs a gym bag, gym uniform, gym sweats, a lunchbox, and the specific Bible that her class will be using.

Overall, I am happy with how quickly, and reasonably priced, our shopping has been this year. Tgirl and I went out yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours at Khols and Walmart (I really do not like Walmart. Yes, they have good prices. But in my opinion, that is all they have going for them. The stores always seem to be somewhat messy, the shelves are not well stocked, the employees aren't helpful or are clueless, and don't even get me started on the clientele!). Then today both the kids and I spent a couple of hours at Target finishing off Tgirl's supply list and getting the bulk of their clothes.

Can I just say thank God for the Nintendo DS while in the dressing room with a 4 year old boy while his sister tries on clothes. Seriously. It is a huge help. Huge!

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Kate said...

I can't stand Walmart either. Which is a real shame. I think ours is just unusually disorganized. I know Amanda uses hers for everything (it has the grocery store in it) as did Erin when she was in CO and loved it. But it gives me the willies when I go in there each and every time.
Can I just say that I love reading your posts? You are one good writer Teacup! Can I link to you on my blog, or would you rather not have others knowing this exists? (like I didn't before you commented on mine!)