Monday, August 24, 2009

Back-To-School BBQ

Tonight my school did away with the more formal Back-To-School Night that we have traditionally done.

In the past we have had a meeting with all the faculty and staff getting together with all of the parents and kids in the worship center of the elementary campus. This year we had a big BBQ at the Middle School/High School campus for everyone with free food, a couple of bounce houses, face painting and a small petting zoo. The high school kids sold desserts and drinks to raise money for various mission trips and the school sold booster club memberships and school tshirts and sweatshirts. It was a huge success.

Families were mingling. Kids were running around crazy having a great time. It was a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Tgirl got to hang out with her best friend. They really enjoyed bouncing and racing in the inflatables and feeding the llama, goats, pony, and sheep in the petting zoo. (Llamas make the strangest noises! I had never seen one up close in person before tonight. At times it sounded like it was saying"mmmmmm" as it ate feed from children's hands!) Their only complaint was that we didn't have time for face painting.

Tboy enjoyed hanging out and bouncing around with the big kids and petting the bunnies - the llama was a bit much for him, especially when it started making it's noises.

Earlier this afternoon the elementary students got to bring their supplies into the classroom, meet the teachers and buy their PE uniforms at school.

Tgirl ended up with an adult size small pair of PE shorts. They are a little big in the waist, though they aren't loose enough to fall off her, but are hugely long going down nearly to her knees! The youth mediums were way too tight in the waist and they were out of youth larges. I hope these shorts work for her!

I still haven't found sweats for PE and the ones with the school logo on them that were offered for sale with the uniforms were way too expensive. Hopefully I have a little more time to search before it gets cold and she needs the sweats.

First day of school is tomorrow...

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