Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our First Family Baseball Game

We went to an A's game, just the four of us. We took BART to the Coliseum. It was free hat day and we must missed the last of the hats at the first gate we tried to enter at. So we went to another gate, got hats, and put on our new hats immediately.

As soon as we found our seats in the bleachers, the kids were hungry. We brought in our own dinner of chicken nuggets, chips, and soda and by the time the game started, the kids were done eating and ready for the Oreos we had brought.

It was a little far away from the action at home plate, but the worst part of it was that the sun was going down directly in front of us and home plate was in shadow while the rest of the field was in sun which made it more difficult to see.

TDaddy passed the cookies off to me to try to get Tboy's attention off of trying to eat the whole package. Which meant, of course, that he had to come sit by me instead of by his dad where he started out. After wandering a bit back and forth in our row and flirting with the women in the group sitting behind us, he sat on my lap and we talked about what was going on on the field.

We lasted through the beginning of the fourth inning before Tgirl had had it and was ready to walk around a bit with TDaddy. Not wanting to be left out, Tboy and I joined them. As we made our way around the stadium we saw Stomper, the A's elephant mascot, and followed him for a bit before he turned around in response to Tboy's calling his name. As soon as Stomper got close, Tboy freaked out, crying and trying to get away from him. So Tgirl said hi and then decided that she wanted to go home.

The walk back to BART was very long with both kids wanting to ride on TDaddy's shoulders at the same time.

We decided that it will be a while before we go to another game as a family.

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