Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Cousin!

One of my (3) brothers and his wife had their first baby! We are so excited!

Tgirl and Tboy have older cousins on TDaddy's side, but they are much older and live 2 states away. But on my side of the family, they are the only children. They have a few second cousins, three who are much older, and two closer in age who live far enough away that we only see them a couple of times a year. We have been hoping for first cousins since my first brother got married 8 years (I think) ago.

I am delighted to be able to get a good baby fix but not have to return to sleepless nights. (Neither one of my babies was a good sleeper.) It's been 5 years since we had a baby in the family, ok, since I had a baby, and I am more than ready for another one. But I don't really want to personally raise another child. Unless God has a different plan, it appears that I now have my hands full. So it is definitely time for my brothers to step up and give my parents some more grandchildren! :)

I must say that Tcousin's parents had another baby a year and a half ago. However, sweet little G was taken from us before he was born. Tcousin's birth is that much sweeter for all of us after losing G.

Tgirl is delighted that Tcousin is a boy. She wouldn't mind a girl, but also rather likes being my mom's only granddaughter so far. She is also looking forward to babysitting in a few years.

Tboy is delighted because he has always been fascinated by babies, he points them out to me whenever we see one at the store, etc. He was very excited for Tcousin to be born and in the last month or so of my SIL's pregnancy would talk about all the things he plans to teach Tcousin: baseball, riding a trike, and climbing up and bouncing down stairs on his bottom to name a few. So I did my best to prepare him for how small Tcousin would really be when he was born. And how little Tcousin would be able to interact with Tboy. As in, the baby won't be able to talk or walk or run for quite a while.

Which lead to multiple discussions of what babies CAN do. They sleep, and cry, and wet their diapers, and eat lots of snacks of milk because they have tiny tummies. And then after you feed a baby they get bubbles in their tummies so you have to burp them and sometimes, if they are like Tboy, they spit up a lot after they eat.

Tboy's very serious response to babies spitting up..."Yeah, then you have to hold them over the garbage can (to catch the "throw up" in his mind) ...
...and hope you don't drop them in!"

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