Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Maximize Your Mornings"

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I have joined in the challenge going on over on one of my favorite blogs, Inspired to Action. The challenge is basically to establish an effective morning routine which includes: 1)getting up early/on time/when the alarm actually goes off, 2)exercising, 3)spending time with the Lord, and 4)planning. The idea is that if as a mom I get up before the rest of my family to take the time to take care of myself, spend quality time with God, and prepare for the day, the day will run more smoothly and purposefully.

I could use more purpose in my life and a little less flying around by the seat of my pants putting out fires and feeling stressed all the time. :)

The only problem? Since starting 3 days ago, I have woke up with a migraine on day one. Day two? Set the alarm wrong on my phone and it didn't go off early enough. And on day three, today? I woke with a start at 7:10. The kids and I aim for 7:30 to be out the door, no later than 7:45. God was gracious and we left the house at 7:43. However, I was supposed to throw together the ingredients for crock pot lasagna for dinner tonight. So no coming home to a hot meal courtesy of the crock pot!

Thank the Lord that tomorrow is another day!

It will be better.... right?

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Cherie said...

It will get better! Remember Satan will attack any changes you try to make that will glorify God. Keep at it. I am not a morning person AT ALL, but have made small steps to get to where I am now. You can do it!