Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Almost School Time!!

Summer is definitely over!

I never did get my menu typed up on here last week. I made it last Saturday. But then Monday morning right before our first teacher meeting of the school year, my principal pulled me aside and told me that I would be teaching 3rd grade (I've taught 5th the last two years) in a new classroom, which is across the street from my old one.

So, to put it very mildly, it was a rather busy week. :)

Meetings galore, packing, moving, unpacking boxes, taking the boxes back across the street and packing them up again, and attending more meetings is what I have done all this last week. I never did get to the store to buy what was needed for what I planned for our dinners. Instead it was all about looking in the freezer and pantry and finding what I could that would be fast and easy.

TDaddy has been wonderful. Monday and Tuesday I picked the kids up from daycare, came home and started dinner and then he let me go back to school to work for a couple more hours. Wednesday I had to leave work early to take Tgirl to ballet. After inhaling fast food for dinner and driving all the way there (a 30 minute drive with lots of stop lights) we spent about 40 minutes in the bathroom with Tgirl having stomach cramps, that I think were due to eating food that was a bit too spicy too fast, we turned around and came home to go stand shivering in the cool wind and watch Tboy's soccer practice. Thursday and Friday were full days of meetings as my stress level has begun to rise. The shock of all that needs to be done in the next two weeks has worn off and now I am just feeling rather frazzled and not at all sure that I can get everything that needs to be done, done.

Welcome back to school! :)

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