Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We finished up swimming lessons for the summer last week. It was a very successful session.

Last year we skipped the swim lessons altogether. Tboy had tubes put in his ears last May and we were a bit leery of ear infections. Tgirl is a little fish and was already pretty water safe. Since we didn't feel that we were hurting Tgirl, the new tubes combined with the fact that Tboy takes after his dad and isn't a huge fan of water anyway, we thought it best to skip for just one year.

So I wasn't sure what to expect this year.

Tboy loved his teacher. She did a great job of knowing when to back off and when to push him. He ended up letting her dunk him completely under water several times and is progressing along in his willingness to put his face in the water. Another positive is that he discovered that a little water on his ears isn't a bad thing, so baths and washing his hair have been easier.

Tgirl was amazing. She was in level 2 for 2 summers and this was her first time in level 3, which has three different levels built into it. The third day of lessons she was promoted up to the top level 3 group. When she got her 'report card' she passed the level altogether!

So proud! :)

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