Friday, May 14, 2010

Sigh, She Has My Eyes

Tgirl that is. She has inherited my nearsightedness.

She has talked about how it would be fun to have glasses for a couple of years now. But thankfully, her eyesight didn't require them.

I started wearing glasses at the age of 6. Was thrilled to get them. Until I walked into my 1st grade classroom that first day and the first classmate I saw called me "four eyes."

Then I hated them.

And proceeded to go through countless pairs of glasses. I needed updates on my prescription yearly at least. And in between the updates, I'm sure my mother must have thought that I must have been lying awake at night planning new ways to lose my glasses. You know, the ones that were supposed to never leave my face.

I started wearing contacts at age 10 to slow down the deterioration of my eyesight and ever since have worn my glasses as seldom as possible.

Tgirl had some headaches last year so I took her in to see the eye doctor. When he dilated her eyes she freaked out. I had not realized that your vision gets blurry when your eyes are dilated (my vision is always incredibly blurry) and so hadn't thought to warn her. The doctor didn't warn her either. She threw up all over the exam room in her panic.

In then end, after practically pinning her down so the doctor could finish the exam, we left having been told by the doctor that she could use glasses, but her prescription was so slight that if she was his daughter, he wouldn't bother with them.

I breathed a sigh of relief and put the matter out of my mind. Until about a month or so ago when she started complaining about the words to the songs on the big screens at church being blurry.

So back to the eye doctor we went. This time, thankfully, she was prepared for the dilation. No throwing up! :) But, this time, the doctor said she was definitely nearsighted and needed to wear glasses all the time.

So we picked out some cute frames and waited, Tgirl with bated breath, for the glasses to arrive.

We picked them up on Monday after school. For the rest of the day, and into Tuesday, she was busy going back and forth between looking over the top of the glasses and through the lenses, commenting on how much sharper her vision was with the glasses.

"Look at the trees! Now it is just a green blob," looking over the tops of the glasses. Then looking through the lenses, "Now I can see leaves!"

I am trying to ease my mommy guilt for not getting the glasses sooner by keeping in mind how much sharper my vision is every time I get a new prescription.

Thankfully, no one has called her "four-eyes." Yet.

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