Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ballet Spring Concert

Last Saturday was Tgirl's ballet spring concert. Her ballet school did 3 different ballets so the concert had 2 intermissions. It was long! Nearly 2 1/2 hours!

First the big girls (7th-12th grades) did Peter and the Wolf. It was a fun one and nice to have the narration. Tboy really enjoyed it and was paying attention very well, asking questions mid way through about the different instruments that represented the different characters.

Then the big girls did act 2 of Swan Lake. There were 73 swans total. They were never all on stage at the same time but when they did run through and there were swans running simultaneously on the back and front of the stage it was very impressive looking. After Tgirl was done with dress rehearsal on Friday night Tboy, who was with us for that rehearsal, was very fascinated by Swan Lake and we ended up staying for the whole rehearsal of it. He kept asking questions about why the "bad bird," the prince, and the "beautiful bird" were doing what they were doing and was very impressed with how strong the prince was to be able to lift the "beautiful bird" above his head multiple times. He was less impressed with Swan Lake in the actual performance. I don't know if actually understanding the story and having seen it once before made it less fascinating, or if he was more antsy as he had to sit still and quiet during the actual performance, unlike dress rehearsal.

Finally, the little girls (3 year old - 6th grade) did The Seasons Op.67. Tgirl was a snowflake in Winter. She did an excellent job and it was fun to see some real growth and greater confidence in her dancing as compared to her last performance (Nutcracker). Tboy was very good (this was only his second ballet performance that we have bought him a ticket) but was more than ready for it to be done.

As for TDaddy...he is such a good sport and good daddy! While I know he will do anything for his girl, I'm sure he had no idea when he took me to the SF Ballet once when we were dating that the performance of Romeo and Juliet would be only the beginning of hours and hours of watching ballet. :)

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