Friday, July 17, 2009

Disneyland here we come!

We are headed to Disneyland tomorrow and are all so excited! We will be meeting TDaddy's mom and step dad at the airport in Anaheim tomorrow morning (they actually are scheduled to land 6 minutes before us) and spending 5 days at Disneyland with them and then 2 more after they leave.

Yes, I know, 7 days! It sound excessive, but somehow we manage to fill up the time and it is great to not have to feel pressured and rushed while there. We can just take it easy in the crowds and heat knowing that we have plenty of time to see everything and do the favorite rides multiple times.

We are staying across the street from the main gate and get a free breakfast at the hotel and will come back to the room everyday for lunches of sandwiches made in the room. Dinners for the most part, we will also eat outside the park as a way to save some money.

Would you believe that we won't be checking any luggage at all? I have packed Tboy, Tgirl, and I into one rolling carry on suitcase with just a little spill over into an old, nice and roomy LL Bean diaper bag (which will also carry my computer and entertainments for the kids. TDaddy has a rolling carry on and a backpack, the kids each have a "toy" backpack and I have one other small carry on bag of books, etc. Amazing.

Who knew that I of all people, could be organized enough to pack so little?!? (I am, by the way, taking some laundry soap to do laundry midweek :) )

I think Tboy is tired enough that he has just dropped off to sleep, but Tgirl will likely be awake quite late in her excitement.... :)

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