Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Tuesday

All I can say is Wow! What a day!

Overslept by 40 minutes but managed to get myself and the kids out the door (with Tboy ready for preschool picture day) and was only 10 minutes late to devotions at work.

It was Visitors' Day and the students were hyper!

It was also Elementary Parents' Night. So I finished getting the room ready after school and picked up Tgirl from daycare at 5pm.

Drove to the polling place, waited in line for about 20 minutes and voted.

Then drove across town and picked Tboy up from preschool before going home.

Made dinner, ate with the kids and bathed both of them and put them in sweats. Then freshened up and left for school at 6:45.

Opened the classroom door at 7 and was there till 8:20.

Went to the grocery store and the gas station and then home.

Put the kids back to bed (Tdaddy had already done this once, but when Mama gets home it seems to mean that you should jump out of bed and run around until physically caught and taken back to bed) then cleaned the kitchen up from dinner, prepped for lunches for Wednesday and did a load of laundry.

I finally dropped into bed at about 10:30pm.

And tomorrow is another day!

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