Thursday, January 24, 2008

Having an older sister has it's downsides...

Tboy is all boy. He loves everything that involves balls, tools, or cars. He warms up to men faster and would prefer to play with men (grandpas, uncles, etc.) instead of with women (grandmas, aunties, etc.). He loves to tackle, hit, sword fight and shoot (though TDaddy encourages the shooting of water over guns, not being a gun type of guy himself).

So I really am not concerned about his masculinity.

But when the main focus of your admiration and favorite playmate is your older sister who is extremely girly.... well, lets just say that it rubs off some.

For a while his favorite color was pink, just like sister's.

"I ballet?" he will frequently ask (Tgirl has taken ballet for nearly 2 years now).
"No," TDaddy will respond, "you play football!"

When playing dress up with Tgirl, he usually wants to put on a princess dress of some kind and high heels.

He would really like to carry a purse everywhere he goes, usually a pink one.

We got him his own boy doll and blue doll stroller as he loves playing with Tgirl's dolls and taking them for rides in the pink princess doll stroller.

And then the other day the Tboy and Tgirl were watching a video. A Disney Princess sing a long. One of the many songs on it was from Mulan II, "I Want to be Like Other Girls" sung by 3 Chinese princesses who want more freedom in their lives:
"...I want to be like other girls.
Climb up a tree like other girls can
Just to be free like other girls
Get to be..."
Well, you can probably guess what Tboy has been overheard singing to himself multiple times in the last few days as he plays...
"I want to be like other girls, I want to be like other girls, I want to be like other girls..."

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