Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Memories

Last night we sat around the table having a normal dinner. With normal school day conversation.

How was your day? What did you play at recess? What did you do at circle time?

You know, normal.

Near the end of dinner TDaddy pulls out a little voice recorder. He uses it for work to record meetings, etc. that he will need details of later. He had caught almost the entire dinner conversation on tape.

And suddenly, what had just happened and seemed so normal seemed precious and wonderful.

We sat there and listened to the entire thing. Baths were put off, the evening scurry of shutting down one school/work day and getting ready for the next was put on pause and we listened. To ourselves. Laughed at the silly things we had said. Just sat there, the boy cuddling on Daddy's lap and the girl on mine.

I felt a bit teary.

While it was so normal for now, I know that all too soon that recording will sound like the distant past, "'back in the day' when the kids were young."

I spend so much time rushing around and trying to accomplish all that needs doing. It was wonderful to sit and just savor the now.

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